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Sultan Ibrahim Girls' School

The SIGS brass band first started in 1972, when a food fair was held to help raise money to buy the instruments. The idea of forming it can be attributed to the then school's versatile headmistress Mrs Dawn Parry, who felt that a band would be a good platform for pupils interested in music and also provide an opportunity for girls to play musical instruments other than the piano. Although originally a brass band, clarinets, flutes and piccolos were subsequently added to make it a full scale military band.

The SIGS band is unique in the sense that the members are not only trained to play music but also taught to march and do pattern formations. In 1983, pom-pom girls were introduced to add a more festive mood to the band's performances. True to their motto, "Rain or shine, the band must go on" the band is truly the school's pride and joy.